Life in Cambodia

at Angkor Wat - a fantastic going-away present from my friends in Phnom Penh

I lived in Cambodia for about four of the last ten years, from July of 1995 to September 1997 and from February 1998 to February 1999, and returned to visit from February to April 2000 and to work from February to August 2003.

NOTE: This is an OLD web page, last updated around 2005. I leave it up out of pure sentimentality. And because I don't feel like going through and updating all the links. If you're looking for modern, useful information, try this. Otherwise, read on...

[ancient] Cambodia links and [outdated, useless or wrong] info

When I left Philadelphia for Cambodia in 1995, there were only one or two Cambodia sites I could find on the web, and soon, this joined them as one of the early ones. Now there are too many to catalog. Here are some useful ones.

The grand-daddy of Cambodia information sites on the net is the Cambodian Information Center, but some of the links there are getting outdated. Chhai Thach's Cambodian Internet Guide, a more recent entry, is well-organized and comprehensive, but also getting dated. Kampuchea Internet is another general site.

For general information on Cambodia -- brief background, stats and so on -- try NationMaster or Wikipedia.

The first Internet servers in Cambodia went on line in May 1997: CamNet and Telstra's BigPond, which has since evolved into OnLine. For some early history, read my articles on Cambodia and the Internet.


The Phnom Penh Post
The Cambodia Daily (where I used to work)
There is also a site for the Bayon Pearnik, a travel, humor and culture magazine that injects some much-needed levity into the Phnom Penh scene.


The easiest way to get comprehensive Cambodia news is to subscribe to the CamNews e-mail distribution list and/or the Cambodia News Yahoo Group. You will receive a few messages a day, including wire service reports, press releases, and occasional articles from publications, along with notices of new books on Cambodia, and more.


  • A terrific site for contemporary Cambodian history is Cambodian Recent History and Contemporary Society: An Introductory Course by Dr. Judy Ledgerwood of Northern Illinois University.
  • Andy Carvin's From Sideshow to Genocide offers a comprehensive history of Cambodia, especially through recent decades, in manageable length.
  • I also like Marco Capriz's quick history of the 1990s in Cambodia, called Musings Over Beer at the FCCC. Breezy but hits the essentials with insight.
  • In Cambodia, the Documentation Center of Cambodia, or DC-Cam, records and preserves the history of the Khmer Rouge regime and assembles evidence for those who seek accountability.
  • The Cambodian Genocide Project has a searchable database of the photographs of people killed by the Khmer Rouge. Visitors can submit information to be added in the effort to identify the dead and to document the actions of one of history's cruelest regimes. It's a fascinating and innovative use of the Web: to assemble information from people scattered all over the world, in a way that could never have been done before.
  • Beauty and Darkness: Cambodia in Modern History and the Dith Pran Holocaust Project also focus on this period. (You may recall Dith Pran as a character in The Killing Fields; he was portrayed by Haing Ngor.)
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Other sites of interest

If you're looking for contacts at organizations in Cambodia, try the Cambodia Yellow Pages and the Cambodia Online Directory.

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