Gotta have art, right? Featured Poem

The Featured Poem, from the Young Writer's Club site, was penned by a Canadian girl named Meaghan Fallak. We Garellas could ask no finer tribute than this, an elegy to the freedom of spirit that is at the very core of every Garella's soul. By the way, this is for real.

If I were a bird in the sky I would fly way up high.
If I were a fish in the ocean I would swim untill I got tired.
If I were a garella in the jungle I would watch all the animals.
If I were a chair I would get board.
If I were a bear I would love scaring people.
If I were a snake I wouldn't bite.
If I were an elaphant I would want to go to the zoo.
If I were a Kangaroo I would jump high.

Thanks, Meaghan! We have made you an honorary Garella, and there's nothing you can do about it!

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